Lisa Kurilko is an artist who lives in the highlands of Scotland. After living in the USA for over a decade, Lisa traded the busy streets of Los Angeles for the quiet country life.

Getting inspiration from her travels around the world for her art, Lisa has visited the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Europe and Morocco. And has plans to visit the Middle East and Asia in the near future, The list of places to visit continues to grow each year.


All paintings are done in acrylic on canvas. Photography is done using a combination of DLSR and iPhone.

Lisa is an experienced cyclist, having competed in road racing in the USA and long distance rides. She doesn't race any more but continues to push herself in training towards new long distance personal rides.

Among, cycling, painting and being creative. Lisa also just started a new company called Green Tree Kombucha. Kombucha is fermented tea that naturally contains probiotics and healthy acids. It is delicious, lightly fizzy and refreshing, low in sugar, caffeine and calories. Also being raw, unfiltered and alive.